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3166c08893 Fix crash. 2017-01-31 17:08:24 -08:00
unknown 9cd6678114 Submitting new binary with bug fixes. 2016-04-14 12:54:12 -07:00
unknown 3fe467c5ff Cleaning up stuff that shouldn't have been here. 2016-04-14 12:52:26 -07:00
unknown a6c6f34080 Fixes a crash with preferences, as well as fixes a bug where a
non-existing item can be added to the list even though it exists in the
users preferences.
Moved a script function retrieval into a try/catch block.
Fixed a file list bug, needed to make a copy and clear; also if a crash
happened the list would never be cleared, and a script could get stuck on
one file. Scripts should have their own try/catch around each individual
file if they want to continue processing files without interruption.
2016-04-14 12:43:53 -07:00
Brian 09124edc2b Trying to fix annoying Import Exceptions (which actually don't prevent the program or scripts from working)
IronPython throws Import Exceptions for every single import, even though
it imports them and the script works fine.  It's annoying while trying
to debug, and I'm sure it hurts the scripts performance while importing
things.  Issue is still not fixed, but these were things I was trying
that I'm making sure to backup.  And they can't hurt.
2013-12-22 19:54:15 -07:00
Brian 8a1c541b7e Fixed exception when files were updated while script was running.
m_UpdatedFiles was being updated while it was still being used by the
script thread.  Instead, copy the list, clear it out, and have the
script thread process the copy.
2013-12-22 19:53:03 -07:00
Brian e9ac96f2bc Fixed resource references.
The image in the about section shows up, and I cleaned up the referenced
resources.  App size is now 1/10 of what it was, yay!
2013-12-22 18:00:46 -07:00
Brian ba9ea144c3 Just realized I don't have an open source license specified.
I need to pick an open source license for FileWatcher.
2013-12-22 17:44:08 -07:00
Brian fa10b8b2ee Fixed concerning warnings, and a couple resource exceptions.
Renamed the Resources folder to what it originally was, res. Fixed the
designer file references, and did some reorganizing.  Made two images
embedded, so this increased the exe size. Odd how much it increased by
though, I will look into this; all the other images didn't bloat it this
much. Moved the cs related res files into the src folder since they tie
directly together with the cs files.
2013-12-22 17:33:10 -07:00
Brian 89a4cc061a Added examples of how FileWatcher can be used. 2013-12-22 16:49:16 -07:00
Brian 6306f55cbc Reorganizing files.
Moving around the resx files and the texture files.  Still have some
warnings to clean up, and two exceptions dealing the location of the
resources (only an issue in this build, never had a problem in older
builds until I setup this github version).
2013-12-22 16:07:36 -07:00
Brian 7a020b2ec7 Updated readme. 2013-12-22 13:44:38 -07:00
Brian f614635ace Fixing link for screenshot. 2013-12-22 13:23:59 -07:00
Brian 72b39f40be Trying screenshot in file. 2013-12-22 13:22:45 -07:00
Brian d21ec83e4e **Now** hopefully fixed the readme file. 2013-12-20 20:21:08 -07:00
Brian f96effd6fb Fixed the formatting of the file. 2013-12-20 20:19:51 -07:00
Brian f6eb064ce4 FileWatcher w/ sample script & sample settings
This version seems to be buggy, the code I have on the repo probably
isn't the newest code I have; I have to go looking through my backups to
verify which is the most up-to-date version.

I've included a sample script and settings file.
2013-12-20 20:16:48 -07:00
Brian 51e217e38c Added project files, source files, and assets.
As long as you have IronPython 2.7.3 you should be able to compile now
with this commit.
2013-12-20 19:54:45 -07:00
Brian a62ee2f168 Setting up new basic structure of project. 2013-12-20 19:16:51 -07:00
Brian 5fa45c086a Update 2013-12-20 18:55:22 -07:00
Brian 6ca9323d32 Initial commit 2013-12-20 17:49:00 -08:00