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Update README with Contributing info.

This changes makes note of article lastmod updating and lack of support of multi-lingual documents.
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Stumbled on this repo and have no idea what any of this is? Check out the [Solus]( operating system!
## Contributing
*In order.*
### Updating an Article
- [x] The current task is to migrate all documentation from the [Solus Wiki](
- [x] Leveraging this repo in the creation of our Help Center.
- [ ] Create a basic build system that aggregates specific Markdown files and assets to produce a User Guide. This will enable our User Guides to be generated whenever necessary, such as during the release of a new ISO snapshot.
When updating an article, remember to update the `lastmod` key / value in the TOML header. You can get the ISO 8601 formatted string by doing:
``` bash
date --iso-8601=seconds
A TOML header is indicated by the following example contents at the top of a file:
title = "Example File"
lastmod = "2018-03-03T14:41:12+02:00"
### Multi-Lingual Documents
Note that multi-lingual documents are not yet supported on our Help Center. When it does, we'll be happy to accept non-English language documents.
## Licenses