Perforce scripts to fill in features lacking from client or command line.
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Perforce script tools for:

  • Remove unversioned files
  • Parallel sync missing files
  • Parallel sync everything
  • Etc.

Script is in beta, works well, but still going through continued testing. There are a few stats at the end, will be putting in more, like number of files/directories checked, so you have an idea how much work was required. One of the reasons this is still in testing is because sometimes the end of the script gets stuck when closing Console logging; I haven't had the time or care to fix this, so it's not considered stable or production ready for at least that reason.

Concerning benchmarks: I used to have a HDD, now a SSD. So I can't provide valid comparisons to the old numbers until I do them on a computer with a HDD. That said, this single worker implementation runs faster than the old multi-threaded version. Can't wait to further update it, will only continue to get faster.

This script does parse .p4ignore ignore files, compiles the fields as regex, and scans every directory and file against the local and parent .p4ignore files. This is my first time doing something like this, and I just realized this isn't actually correct; I need to update how things are ignored to follow the spec, since it's not straight up regex. I need to re-add this to the newer script.

Files are currently permanently deleted, so use this at your own risk.