45 Commits (testing)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Brian Ernst 3aa1373758 Minor cleanup. 3 years ago
Brian Ernst 3adaf471c1 Updated readme. 3 years ago
Brian Ernst 7f3c4b1cb8 Updated time.clock to time.time, since former was deprecated. 3 years ago
leetNightshade e5a84235cb Fix issue where clientRoot is null due to multiple view mappings that 6 years ago
unknown 972e9ca689 Fixed comparison issue, apparently had to make sure the number was an int. 8 years ago
leetNightshade 55e5033794 Fixed error, forgot to comment out a line. 8 years ago
unknown d5dc8155f5 Fixed up path limitation issue with p4. 8 years ago
unknown a5f82d5e00 Neatened up output. 8 years ago
unknown 26d1127e64 Neatened up console output a little bit. 8 years ago
unknown 92d217371c Fixed scripts up, improved logging so console has a waking thread now. 8 years ago
unknown ea14f96d76 Fixed bug in p4SyncMissingFiles.py. Also fixed bug in p4Helper when 8 years ago
unknown c32c0bfbd1 Added bucketing based on file type (text/binary) and batching to reduce 8 years ago
unknown 49153babed Fixed output bugs in p4SyncMissingFiles.py. 8 years ago
unknown 6610e8e357 Accidentally committed pyc. Will have to add .gitignore. 8 years ago
unknown 1d1d7f8cae Split scripts up for now, may add all in one scripts later. Added 8 years ago
unknown 9d4d26250d Added a fix if the specified directory isn't added to the repo but still 8 years ago
unknown e7bb65874e Added more debug info at the end for files processed, cleaned up formatting. At some point will strive to make the output more UNIX friendly, parsable. 9 years ago
U-ILLFONIC\bernst 06b0cbe426 Adding huge improvements. There are still a few more to make to account for computers not setup correctly, but it's functional. Still has the occasional console hang bug. Now also prints out run time. There is one new minor bug, reverting back to the previously set client view. 9 years ago
Brian 6236ead338 Adding new worker run type 9 years ago
Brian 3ffdd76147 Added basic worker thread back in, and TODO comments for multi-threading this new script. 9 years ago
Brian 59e010d682 Added a warning note for large depots. 9 years ago
Brian fd419089be See description. Why does this have to be so short? 9 years ago
Brian 865eaa243d Removed creation of NUL file, annoying to get rid of. Also changed error formatting a little. 9 years ago
Brian 4435a36bed Made script obey quiet option. Added file and error count to print at end. 9 years ago
Brian 0dcd14a73b Working in Python 2.7.4 and Python 3.4.0, HOWEVER, Console isn't exiting correctly. 9 years ago
Brian 55a5e41b00 Improved the auto flushing, made it time and buffer size based. 9 years ago
Brian c175b21dcf Grabs depot tree first hand to make looping through directory faster. 9 years ago
Brian 8d425d6413 Catch except in file iteration so you can continue processing remaining files. 9 years ago
Brian b3b960e9ef Fixed console to exit properly, wasn't finished frankly. 9 years ago
Brian 4bb145e4ca Update README.md 9 years ago
Brian b3051f8dc8 Fixed mixing of unix/windows paths. Need to test this works cross platform. 9 years ago
Brian 8bb78e7c02 Added exception catching with printing to thread-safe console. Removed press enter call. 9 years ago
Brian d3fdef1342 Removed thread shutdown print, and bumped up thread count. 9 years ago
Brian 3eb7a78339 Fixed a serious output bug, buffers weren't being cleared after flushed. 9 years ago
Brian 97da25ce38 Threaded console, threaded cleanup. Yes! 9 years ago
Brian 2b14c4a273 Working on threaded support. 9 years ago
Brian 1f4b52e3a9 Added the version of Python I've tested with. 9 years ago
Brian 80163cd15c Update README.md 9 years ago
Brian b327058ccb Added a fix for old now unversioned files with readonly set. 9 years ago
Brian 2bb0fa671d Fixed a bug from old code so the script would work, tweaked output. 9 years ago
Brian 266c5555ba Improved crawling speed, also cleaned up the output. 9 years ago
Brian 09a4811be4 Update README.md 9 years ago
Brian e2d660e486 Updated readme, added warning, also figured out I'm not parsing p4ignore correctly. 9 years ago
Brian 32aaab1578 Create README.md 9 years ago
Brian 27e2e32f7e Added the basic script. 9 years ago