Including built version of extension, idk if this is kosher on github,

but here you go. Also updating readme to note this setup just includes
2017, not previous version. Project needs updating to generate installer
for all.
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Visual Studio Ding extension
Visual Studio Ding extension [Fork] for 2017. Doesn't include 2012/2015 in the installer, that would need to be patched in.
This small extension will play notification sounds when following events occur:
- Build Complete
- Entering debugger mode (breakpoint hit, etc)
- Unit tests finished to run
Ability to toggle when the notifications sound can be found in the Visual Studio Options under 'Ding'
Useful when working with big solutions or when build/test run/hitting a breakpoint takes a lot of time and developer can be distructed on other things while he waits.
This is an open source project, join!
Twitter: @GanzhaVitalii
Version 1.9:
* Fixed defect #8: VS 2015 stops working when looking at Test Manager Window
Version 1.8:
* Users now will be able to select their own sounds (Issue #5)
* There will be a different sound when any of the tests have failed (Issue #7)
* There is a separate option to play sound only when tests failed (thanks to for pull request).
* Notification in tray will have different icon when tests failed
![Custom sounds](
Version 1.6:
* Fixed compatibility issues with Visual studio 2012
Version 1.5:
* Added Task bar notifications. (
It can be disabled in Tools->Options->Ding->Show tray notifications
![TaskBar notification](
Version 1.4:
* Added options dialog (Tools->Options->Ding). Now it is possible to enable/disable what sounds to play. Thanks to
* Added option to play sounds only if Visual Studio in background. Thanks to
* Support for Visual studio 2015

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