Perforce scripts to fill in features lacking from client or command line.
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Grav Comments Plugin Fork : Akismet support added, can disable comments but leaving visible, and draws gravatars. http://getgrav.org
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Web content for projects to reference.
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This is a prototype for a Data Definition, Declaration, and Management tool intended for game development. C++ and QT, will support C++ Plugins to extend functionality, and will have Python support for scripting over data.
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Solus's Help Center documentation as well as previous User Guide.
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Extension for Visual studio for Taskbar & Sound notifications on build/test/breakpoint events
Updated 2018-06-07 01:35:00 +00:00
FileWatcher is currently a Windows only C# and IronPython driven program for running scripts when files are changed. Started experimenting in a branch to make it driven by C++, QT, and Python for performance reasons, but I've since dropped that project.
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